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Treatment Options for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair remedies can help in many different, often surprising ways. Whether you are a a male or a female, figuring out why your hair is thinning is the first step in learning to slow or reverse the effects. Here are some different treatment options that could be available to you and tips on which ones will work best for different causes of thinning hair. Also included is a quick rundown of some things you can check for to help you and your doctor decide what exactly is causing this problem.


Things to Check for


Your first step in this process will most likely be to evaluate your hair loss and gather information that can help the doctor decide what is causing your thinning hair. Look at yourself in the mirror and examine the areas where your hair grows the thickest. Also try to figure our, which areas are the thinnest. Using a comb, check just how much hair you are losing at a time. Have this data ready when you visit your doctor so they can use it to diagnose your hair loss.


Different Causes Require Different Treatments


One of the most common causes of baldness is male pattern baldness. As men age they begin to lose hair because of genetics. There is no cure for this type of baldness but many things can be done to help slow, or even stop the hair loss from continuing. Starting treatment at an early age when the thinning and balding begins is one of the best ways to minimize the damage that is done. Thinning hair remedies are as individual as the patient and no treatment will work the same way for two different people.


More Causes

Although male pattern baldness is the most common form, thinning of the hair can be caused by medication that you are on, hormones, not taking care of your hair and scalp, poor diet, or stress. If the problem is occurring because of medication you are on, the best course of action is to talk with the doctor who prescribed that medication. Maybe there will be an alternative to what you are on that does not have that side effect. Most of the time when the medication is taken away the problem will go away soon after.


Hormones can complicate the situation a lot. A test from a doctor can show that your body has too much of certain hormones which may be the cause for your thinning hair. The doctor can give you a few different things that can help change this. Adding additional hormones or taking medication to change how much of the current hormone is in your body is the usual route taken.


Poor Hair Care and Improper Diet

If you have spent long years not taking good care of your scalp and hair, it may be thinning because of that. There are shampoos and conditioners that are meant to help make your scalp and hair healthy again. Use these in combination with a scalp moisturizer once a week. Massaging those products into your scalp can help to stimulate your hair follicles.


Poor diet for extended periods of time can have bad effects on all parts of your body including your hair. Starting to eat better and taking vitamins can help to reverse some of the damamge done. Protein, vitamins, and minerals are all crucial to hair growth.




Stress can cause your hair to thin and fall out as well. Working to reduce your stress with the help of medication or therapy can result in your hair getting thicker and can stop it from falling out. Try to keep yourself calm at all times if possible. There is medication that has recently been tested on mice that gives promising evidence of stopping and reversing the hair loss caused by stress. However, the easiest remedy for thinning hair is to relax and try to avoid whatever is causing the stress.


More Drastic Measures


If your hair loss is past the beginning phase, you may need to take more drastic measures to fix the damage done. Surgery is available to take healthy growing hair from other areas and transplant it in the places where the hair is thin or has fallen out completely. In many cases, the hair will then start to grow again. It may take many sessions to fix it completely, but it is a step in the right direction.


If you have thinning hair or are starting to go bald completely, there are many options available to you. Contact your doctor as soon as you see the issue arise and take care of it as soon as possible. This will help to ensure that you still have full hair as you grow old.

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Alternative Treatment for Thinning Hair

The crowning glory of a person’s individual characteristic, that is how many of us regard our hair. May that be for reasons of vanity or for just a representation of our individuality, it is just one of the most vital parts in our anatomy that we give the utmost importance. Perhaps one good reason why there  is a steady increase in the business of specialized services who’s sole rendered priority is to keep  our treasured loft of follicles healthy and silky shinny. People seem to go to hair salons and other specialized hair treatment establishments more often compared to going to a doctors appointment or a dentist for that matter.

Our hair is a social representation of our character as a person, we do every possible means of preserving its beauty. An analogy of that compared to the plumes of a peacock, which represents a comparative aesthetic that we are proud to show off. But, for most of us, especially in men, we are genetically prone to the natural aspect of loosing a substantial amount of our hair as we age. Hair loss has always been a natural occurrence in a person’s life not only in men, but sometimes for women as well. Luckily, we live in an age where the boundaries of medical science can help us in more ways than one.

Hair loss remedyThere are a lot of variables to consider to know the exact cause of thinning hair and most remedies for thinning hair are diagnosed based upon not a general localized cause but one that would isolate a definite cause to hair thinning. It is highly recommended to consult a specialist that can recommend the best immediate solution for thinning hair so that they can give you practical solutions and avoid any prolonged damage to your precious crowning glory.

Not all remedies can work for you as it is a case to case basis. Some causes of hair loss stem from hormonal imbalance, stress related problems, poor dietary intake that lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your hair healthy or poor and improper hair care to name a few. Alternative treatment options for thinning hair can vary from an individual point of view, though some might be as simple and subtle such as medicines, topical creams and ointments, specialized rejuvenatory shampoos and conditioners, to the more drastic method such as artificial hair implant and surgery.

It is actually a wise alternative to go to a specialist as early as possible while the problem has not yet taken a turn for the worst. Early detection has always been the best preventive measure to ensure that your hair thinning problem does not get the best of you, and you are advised to take very good care of your hair as your precious crowning glory only grows once in your lifetime. As the famous saying goes, “Hair today…Gone tomorrow”, as you only have one chance of having it, so its best to take good care of it.


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Dealing with thinning hair

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