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Excessive Sweating and Hair Loss

There had been past assumptions regarding excessive sweating on the forehead and it’s connection to hair loss. Clinical studies show that there may be a validity to these claims that for a long time were considered uncertain. Trichologists have now confirmed that there is indeed a connection between excessive forehead sweating and hair loss. It was discovered that human sweat contains an ample amount of lactic acid, which has the ability to eventually thin down and peel off the outer keratin layers of the hair. It also leads to the shriveling of the follicular roots of the hair follicles.


The constant sweating in the forehead and the reaction of lactic acid on the hair results in the dryness of the hair stems, causing it to be brittle and finally breaking it off eventually. Besides the damage that it causes the hair, excessive excretion of lactic acid may cause inflammatory outbreaks on the skin, such as rashes and symptoms of itchiness. The lactic acid has the undesired effect of unbalancing the pH level of the scalp, in which may very well result in the growth of unwanted fungus and bacteria which may contribute to the propagation of dandruff. It may also cause the sedimentary deposits of deep seated dirt inside the scalp pores, congesting and restricting the proper circulation of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles.


The cause of excessive sweating can stem from various causes. Some obvious symptomatic reasons would be that of hormonal imbalance. It was proven with clinical case studies on people that were suffering from excessive sweating that it was indeed a hormonal imbalance on their part. Obvious triggering mechanisms were temperate climate or a sudden change of it, a good example would be that of sweaty palms of the hand and sweaty feet. Other causes of excessive sweating would be of psychological causes. Anxiety, uneasiness and medically trigged causes could be a forthcoming manifestation that causes sweat secretions. The level of rancidity in the human sweat can be caused by high cholesterol levels in the blood stream or lipid secretions that can sometimes cause allergic reaction of the skin, causing irritated and inflamed rashes.


Finding a cure or alternative preventive measures from excessive sweating is not the answer to your problems, but it is better to find the root cause of it. If your sweating is of psychological reasons such as stress, anxieties and nervousness, it is best to find ways of controlling your anxieties or even think of a way to relax your mind. Ask or consult a physician that is related to your stress related problems and if it is necessary, ask for prescriptions that can stave down your stress related problems. Relaxation and a stress free environment may help. Exercise may benefit you in terms of channeling you anxious thoughts towards more productive forms of diversions which will take your mind off worrying.

A healthy dose of exercise has always been recommended as it promotes the healthy circulation of the needed bodily fluids in order to stimulate the endorphine levels of your system. This will enable you to reduce stress and maintain a healthy body at the same time. If you would rather prefer a more simple approach, you could always try some regulated deep breathing exercises that can help your circulatory system.

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Hair Care Tips And Tricks

Everyone likes to feel that they have a good head of hair, but not everyone is comfortable in their ability to pick the “right” hair care products.

Hair care is a big industry, with nearly three quarters of a billion dollars spent annually on hair care products and accessories – and this figure doesn’t even include the hair restoration market.  There are some simple things that people can do to treat their hair well and keep it healthy, but the hair care industry has added the complication of choice.

With many hair care product offerings comes many claims, and those claims are not easily quantified.

  • More luxurious hair
  • Shinier hair
  • Hair that’s more bouncy

Which claims are we to believe?  How can they be proven?

What is Hair Care?

“The hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head.” – wiki

There are many types of human hair, and the care for each type of hair varies.  Specialized products for different types of hair make up a large segment of the hair care market.  Even within specializations, there is a divergence of expert approaches to maintaining a healthy head of hair.

Whether you take care of your own hair care needs, or have a weekly visit with a hairdresser is a personal choice and a matter of disposable income and time.  The importance that you place on the appearance of your hair will dictate the lengths that you will go to achieve that ultimate look.

Hair Care Management Tips

Generally, keeping your hair clean and avoiding over-stressing it with chemicals and heat will help your hair stay healthier for longer.  But that may be oversimplifying the solution.  Let’s look at some other tips for good hair care management.

  • Don’t set your hair dryer on the hottest setting
  • Condition the ends of long hair every other day
  • Avoid combing or brushing wet hair – it’s more fragile when it’s wet
  • Trim long hair fairly frequently
  • Use a natural-bristle brush


Most shampoos will do a good job of cleaning your hair – regardless of the price, but people are prone to having preferences.  Those preferences may have been engineered through effective advertising, but they remain preferences just the same.

A review of the labels of shampoo bottles will reveal that they all contain the same basic ingredients which include: cleaning agents, water, and preservatives.  The cleaning agents that are used are of different intensities and abrasiveness, so there is some difference between products that are intended for normal use versus those intended for sensitive skin, but those differences may not justify some of the differences in price.


The primary purpose of any conditioner is to make your hair softer after it has undergone washing.  Your hair gets lighter when it’s washed and the application of conditioner has the opposite effect, by restoring moisture and introducing oils to your hair.

Given their cross purposes, shampoos and conditioners work best when they are applied separately.  Using a shampoo and conditioner combo won’t hurt your hair, but it will lessen the effectiveness of each product.

Pick the least expensive products that work best for you.  Paying for any more than that basic level of satisfaction is not money well spent.

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5 Best Hair Loss Shampoos for Men and Women

As far back in the late 1800′s, hair loss and hair thinning was already a problem for men. Quack doctors, snake oil peddlers and traveling merchants of this sort of endeavor, sell their assortment of ointments and strange brews of concocted cocktails to fool hearty spectators that line up into believing that it could actually solve their thinning hair problems. Most of these formulated “wonder potions”, “elixirs” and “rejuvenating formulas”, are nothing but a simple scam. None of these really worked, even in the smallest possible way.


Besides being useless, they also posses a bad pungent smell and cause more harm than good. Nowadays, we have break through research with the help of modern day technology and science. Advanced techniques in research and development have greatly improved the chances of people suffering from hair loss, as new methods and formulations for hair loss shampoos and other topically applied hair growth supplements are resulting in improved and positive results.

Regardless of it’s externally applied nature as a topical substance, it is still recommended that you consult with a specialist before attempting to undergo self medication. It should be noted that not all hair loss shampoos are for everyone to use and individual medical conditions should be considered. Some of the rare instances that people are inhibited from continuing the use of prescribed hair loss shampoos are for reasons of adverse skin reactions. Allergies, rashes. skin inflammation and itchiness are some adverse counter indications that can be considered.

Prior to use of any hair loss shampoos, it is only proper to administer a skin test to determine if a patient would manifest any allergic reaction of whatsoever. In light of any slightest reaction, the doctor or specialist would recommend the discontinued use of any allergy inducing substance. The simple mistake of choosing the wrong type of hair loss shampoo can even make things worse that it already is.


Here are some of todays most widely used hair loss shampoos that have a collective category of different benefits. Each individual product may have a specific form of application intended to work on a certain hair and scalp condition.

Other products have a combination of uses besides preventive hair loss care and might even augment the aesthetic appearance of your hair. Regardless of any idealistic results from these hair loss shampoos, it is still best to choose from a practical opinion of what product would you get the best benefit from while improving the appearance of your hair.

  • Revivogen Biocleansing Shampoo

    This shampoo is recommended for deep scalp treatment and cleansing from deeply embedded dirt and excess sebum that may cause dandruff. Revivogen was specifically formulated for thin hair conditions that prevents the saturation of hair follicles, and at the same time, acts as a scalp conditioner. Its ingredients include aloe vera, gamma linolenic acids, which is a UV protector, panthenol, saw palmetto berry extract, silicone, jojoba oil, soy protein, niacin and zinc. Most hair shampoos for thin hair today are made with more natural herbal extracts to prevent hair damage due to elemental factors. Mostly recommended for Type 1 and Type 2 hair loss categories.

  • Nioxin System 3

    Among the world’s most popular brands of hair loss shampoos that are recommended by specialists, Nioxin stands out as one of the most beneficial hair shampoos that can give positive results when it comes to hair loss solutions. As of date, Nioxin has eight different variations that suit specific categories of different hair types and hair loss problems. The Nioxin System 3 composes of three different hair loss formulas that have specific individual effects on the hair and scalp but compliment each of it’s beneficial result as a singular optimized effect, resulting in an end result that has made it as one of the world’s most preferred hair loss shampoo brands.

    The Nioxin System 3 is best well suited for fine, thinning hairs. The package includes the basic shampoo cleanser, a scalp therapy conditioning solution and a leave-on-the-scalp shampoo that conditions the affected scalp area while ridding it with excess oil and grime. Amino acids are used to strengthen thin hair follicles as well as nourishing it at the same time. It’s main ingredients consists of panthenol, biotin, hydrolyzed keratin, rosemary, niacin, folic acid, wheat protein, superoxide dismutase and fennel seed. The main ingredients in Nioxin also provide anti oxidants in the affected scalp area, thus regenerating the proper cells for healthy scalp regrowth.

  • Dermenodex Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

    Dermenodex is different among all the existing hair loss shampoos that is available because of it’s one unique ingredient…enzymes. Hydrolyzed RNA and adenosine are its primary ingredients, along with glycol, soy protein and panthenol. Enzymes where first used in the early years of the 1970′s primarily as anti-biotic in the pharmaceutical industry. Hydrolyzed RNA and adenosine are directly induced on the scalp and as a result, produce stronger and healthier hair follicles, greatly improving the consistency of hair strength. However there were isolated reports of patients shedding hair due to the enzyme reactions to Dermenodex.

  • PhytoCyane Revitalizing Shampoo

    This brand of shampoo was specially formulated for the treatment of hair loss and thinning hair for women. Manufactured by Phyto, a company created by Patrick Ales who was once a famous hair dresser and stylist in the 1960′s, in Paris, France. Many famous celebrities have used this product including Jackie Kennedy, who used PhytoCyane as their preferred brand of hair loss shampoo. PhytoCyane was the first shampoo during those time to use a number of natural organic ingredients that include vitamin B6, panthenol, ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, and citric acid. Ginko biloba and grape seeds were found to be more effective in totally cleansing all excess oils that are deeply embedded on the scalp.

    The Vitamin B6 in PhytoCyane helps the hair achieve a more healthier luster and also adds body. Vitamin B6 is essential in nurturing the hair from frequent exposure to UV rays and chemical pollutants that can lead to the weakening of the hair follicles, thus resulting to thinning and hair loss.

  • HairGenesis Revitalizing, Cleansing and Thickening Shampoo

    Among all of these hair loss shampoos, HairGenesis is probably of of the very few hair thinning shampoo products that uses almost 95% pure organic ingredients from mostly herbal extracts. Going by the natural organic approach, HairGenesis formulation contains the following key organic herbal ingredients such as evening primrose oil, citric acid, biotin, borage oil, green tea extract, and saw palmetto berry extracts. The beneficial effect of HairGenesis can be fully realized while the problem of hair thinning and hair loss is at its early stages. Borage and evening primrose oils are a good source of Omega 6 essential oils which posses anti-irritants or anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce scalp irritations leading to the weakening of hair follicles. Omega 6 compounds are also a very good source of nutrients for the scalp and hair which incidentally also acts as anti-oxidants.

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Dealing with thinning hair

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