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Hair Care for Different Types of Hair

In the vast multitude of people with different types of hair along with different types of hair problem, there is no single general solution to cover it all. Needless to say that different hair types need different methods of hair care and that one person’s solution could never be applied to another person with the same type of hair problem. Even though that experts try to put a generalized caption to all possible remedies that might co relate one problem of how to maintain those precious tresses hair on your crown, it is still best to take the most individual approach on how to take care of your hair.


Greasy and Oily Hair:

A little grease and oil on your hair is quite normal to begin with and a total absence of it would indicate that you have a problem concerning dryness that it may possibly lead to weakening of the follicles and result to dry damaged hair. An over abundance of oil however may well signify another problem as well. Be very mindful of what you put in your diet as dietary causes could very well be an issue of an over production of cebum, which is responsible for maintaining the flexibility and suppleness of your hair.

An oily hair does not affect the hair strands, which in one way, is a good indicator that your hair strands are it tip top shape. However, too much oily secretions do tend to damage the scalp, in which fungal build up may well lead to the dreaded propagation of dandruff. Fungi propagate in a very oily scalp, which is the favorite breeding ground of this type of bacteria. It eats up the excess oils of the scalp that eventually finds its way to your hair follicles, resulting to the weakening of the hair strands that promote the thinning and falling out of the hair in a much more faster state.

Proper hair care for this condition involves knowing the basic working dynamics of the shampoo and conditioner that you usually use. Shampoos and conditioners are two very different things and that they both work in very different ways. Greasy hair and greasy scalp conditions may need just one type of shampoo, forgoing the need for a conditioner, but, often times, it is applied to both in a separate method. If you have oily hair and a dry scalp, it is best to use a light shampoo that puts a priority in moisturizing your scalp. A simple moisturizing conditioner can then be applied to the hair after rinsing.

If you have dry hair and an oily scalp, you should use a shampoo that addresses the problem of your oily scalp. Hair moisturizing conditioners must be used in this case with utmost care, avoiding any possible contact with the scalp. It is best to evaluate the condition of both your hair and scalp before trying any form of hair regimen alongside with proper consultation with a hair specialist.


Dry Hair:

The dryness of hair is not a natural occurrence in the human body, but, it is however an induced state that results from over use of such products as hair coloring, perming and hair ironing tools, hairdryers and other artificial hair altering methods that literally kill your hair strands. These processes contribute to the weakening of the hair strands that they literally break off. It is not enough to be exposed to excessive UV rays that you have to submit your hair to such brutal methods just for the sake of beauty. Swimming pols that have a strong concentration of chlorinated particles do just that along with too much exposure to sea water that the salt in the air and in the salt water of the ocean can make your hair brittle and weak.

Caring for such hair conditions require applications of moisturizers to maintain the moisture content of the hair strands so that they don’t loose their suppleness. Prolonged use of hairdryers and other detrimental tools on your hair would do your hair more benefit. The use of deep moisturizing conditioners that you can leave on your hair is important if you live near an area where there is too much heat and humidity in the air (especially if you live near the beach or an arid region).


Fine to Thin Hair:

Fine hair because of it’s lack of body and bounce usually falls limp most of the time. There are simple methods of making hair like these bounce to life. Teasing hair will give an illusion of embodiment, though it has to be done with the utmost care to ensure that you do not exert too much stress on your hair strands. Maintain a conservative length of hair style as you can easily style it with wax or hair gel to give it that bouncy look. Thin hair that is too long is very hard to manage and can often times end up in tangles if you tease them too much. Hair thickening products may help quite a bit but only to a point that you can manage it.


Thick and Curly Hair:

Thick hair does have it’s advantages as they are the least types of hair that suffer from thinning limpness. But it also presents it’s own problems such as frequent itchiness on the scalp. The reason for why this occurs is the lack of ventilation for the scalp to breath. Another contributing factor is in it’s characteristics of not being able to totally rinse off accumulated substances from shampoos and conditioners, leading to the build up of irritating materials underneath the follicles. Keeping your hair short will greatly improve the condition of your scalp as it will allow the proper ventilation of air that your scalp needs. Shorter hair means an easy way to rinse off any possible remnants of shampoos and conditioners that my be left on your scalp, greatly reducing the time it takes for you to rinse it.

Use a clarifying shampoo to make sure you leave no traces of sedimentary deposits of filth on your scalp. This is just to ensure that you get the job right in ridding any possible dirt and grime from your scalp.


Straight Hair:

You might think that it is just so easy to maintain straight hair? Well, it is not that easy as you may imagine it to be. Straight hair is actually one of the most hard to maintain hair types. It is because straight hair falls flat on the scalp, causing the accumulation of oil and grease, more than other types of hair. It is also one of the hardest types of hair create a hairstyle from it, as it always tends to be stringy ans limp. The use of deep cleansing shampoos can help prevent the onset of dandruff and a weekly trip to the hair salon to apply clarifying gel would greatly enhance body and luster. As a matter of fact, The occurrence of dandruff is more likely to happen in people with straight hair than any other hair types.


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The Hottest Hair Extension Trends

Hair ExtensionMore than just a specific color, style or cut, hair extensions are the hottest beauty trend for women at the moment. Made popular by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham, the wide range of hair extensions available on the market today allows women to experiment with different volumes, lengths and colors.


Many women get hair extensions simply because they desire the look of longer, healthier and thicker hair. They aren’t opting for a dramatic change, just the appearance that their natural hair is at its best. Accordingly, women who simply seek a fuller, more radiant version of their natural hair often choose semi-permanent extensions, that take longer to attach to their existing locks and stay in for an extended length of time.


Other women prefer more temporary extensions that let them change up their look for a holiday or even just one night. For women who prefer a shorter-term commitment for a fun change now and then, there are many hair extension options that can be removed and reapplied as the mood strikes.


Hair extensions provide significant versatility for women who may not feel comfortable with the dramatic and more permanent decision to cut or dye their hair. While color can be dyed over and cuts will grow back, there are so many different choices of hair extensions that don’t require such bold commitment. It is largely for this reason that hair extensions were some of the most buzz-worthy items at the recent International Beauty Show in New York City.


Temporary hair extension options include everything from clip-in strands of feathers and synthetic hair in bold, punky colors to pieces of real or natural looking synthetic hair. Products like Halo Couture and the Hair Dress add beautiful, natural-looking fullness and length to existing hair. They offer the fullness of a wig with the ease of temporary extensions, take only minutes to put on, and are held in position with a virtually invisible wire or strand. There are even gorgeous clip-in bangs on the market now, which are applied with a simple 3 snaps. Fun and simple to use, temporary hair extensions are that final touch to an outfit.


There is also a wide range of more permanent hair extensions on the market for women who want something natural and long lasting. While some are heat-resistant and styleable high-quality synthetic hair, most products are made of real human hair. Highly desirable “virgin” Indian or Malaysian hair tends to be among the most popular, as does Remy Hair. Remy Hair is that which retains its cuticle layer, the outermost part of the strand that keeps hair soft, smooth, shiny and free of tangles.


Women who desire semi-permanent extensions have many different choices for how to have them applied. There is no right or wrong way, either – it’s definitely a matter of personal preference. Some women prefer fusion methods that use a glue-like substance to discreetly hold the hair in place at the roots. Others like seamless tape, while many women swear by extensions that are woven in or secured using micro-links.


Whatever you prefer, it is evident that there are many on-trend choices for hair extensions in 2013, and just the extensions themselves are a fashionable choice.


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Hairstyles for Male Pattern Baldness

The condition predominant in men known as male pattern baldness or Alopecia, is signified with the progression of a receding hairline accompanied by the thinning and shortening of the hair follicles which results in finner hair strands. A receding hair line that is oftentimes distinguished by an “M” shape is a clear sign of it’s early manifestation. It usually begins at the brim of the hairline that consequently progresses to a classical horseshoe pattern, running from the sides to the back of the head.

Causes of male pattern baldness can come from various origins such as heredity, psychological stress or such inorganic causes such as medicinal side effects due to prescription medications. Male pattern baldness has a few methods of treatment that can help stave off the progression of the condition as only to slow it down. Treatments such as vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements and topical hair shampoos can help in a big way to deter any advancing effect.


The effect of male pattern baldness can often times get the best out of men and in the event that it does progress to it’s advanced stages, you can always find other solutions to augment the obvious loss of hair . These alternative solutions include hairstyles that can cover up baldness to wigs and hair implants.

draft_lens19002596module156176814photo_1325717512male-patteOptional Hairstyles for Male Pattern Baldness

The best Hairstyle to Use

  • Medium Short Hairstyles – This is a good option to go with if you have a receding hairline with thick hair. Having your hairstylist cut the top part of your hair short and leaving an ample amount of hair at the sides long enough so that you can comb it to the top side. This method can cover up the part in which there is a significant amount of hair loss, thus creating an effect of thickness on that area.

  • Shaggy Layers – Having a receding hairline at the top can make it difficult to cover up that area if you want to sport a long hair style at the back part of your head. Shaggy layers are made by keeping subsequent strands longer in a alternating pattern. This hairstyle is achieved by keeping a good amount of hair a bit lengthy and trimmed with layers. And allowed to settle down on top of the head with a bit of a messy look.

  • Julius Caesar Look – This hairstyle was made famous by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. This look is simply done with brushing the remaining hair strands downward to the front most part of the receding hairline. It creates a visible border on the receding hairline that effectively hides the obvious signs of baldness.

  • Short Hair – Similar to most alternative hairstyles for men, this method employs the need to grow the remaining top part of the hair quite a bit longer than usual. The goal here is to have the bottom part of the hair cut short while retaining longer strands at the upper most part. Covering up the top part with the use of hair gel, hair wax and other hair setting products.

  • Buzz Cut – This hairstyle incorporates the “military” hair cut that requires the use of a clipper, thus earning it’s term the “buzz” cut. A very simple and easy to maintain look that does not fade out of style.

  • Shaved Look or The Chrome dome – If there are no other alternative choices for your male pattern baldness, and if you have the guts to take your hair loss problems head long, you can always go for the Shaved Look or the Chrome Dome. This look was made famous by legendary celebrities such as Yule Brynner, Telly Savalas and Bruce Willis. It is considered as one of the most manly and intimidating approaches to male pattern baldness, but it is more fitting for those who create an almost perfect cranial head structure. It is not recommended for men with oddly shaped heads.

  • Facial Hair – Nothing can divert attention from your receding hairline like that of facial hair, the thicker it is, the better. Most men with male pattern baldness that have more adequate facial hair con sider this their second asset. Goatees and a full turf of facial hair can add masculinity that can redirect anyones attention from your baldness.

  • Hair Transplant Surgery – This would be considered as the most extreme of all options faced by men with hair loss problems. Besides being expensive, it is also time consuming as it requires a multitude of clinical sessions to get the most optimum effect that you want. By far, hair transplant surgery is perhaps the most effective method in countering thinning hair loss problems for both men and women. The satisfaction rating for this in most cases is 100% for those who have undergone the procedure. The disadvantage of it is that you are limited by the hair styles that you can make with it considering that it is a permanent fixture that requires extraction of hair from the backside of your head for implantation to the affected area. The procedure can take from as short as weeks to almost months, depending on your specific needs.

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Dealing with thinning hair

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