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How to Stimulate Longer Hair Growth the Faster Way

There are a lot of methods claiming to give positive results in obtaining a tried and tested method of growing your hair longer in the fastest means possible. These methods may mean the use of vitamins, hair growth shampoos, medicinal supplements and a few other means which can take up most of your time and not be able to choose one method that will work. We can trim it down to just 3 basic methods as not to further complicate the issue and save on more time.

Protecting Your Hair From Split Ends


The average rate that the human hair grows is about half an inch in one month, and from here, you can make an evaluated calculation on how long your hair has been growing on your head. During those years of 

brushing and grooming you hair, you may have spent over 2,500 strokes and from the frequency that you have been doing that, there is no doubt that you had inflicted some damage on your hair strands. Hair is very susceptible to damages such as these caused by prolonged and frequent brushing. Also there is the damage caused by natural factors such as humidity,exposure to Ultra Violet light and tangles frequently caused by sleeping. Nutritional protein loss due to health factors also count as one of the contributing factors for thinning hair loss. Once hair has lost it’s suppleness due to protein loss, it starts to brittle and break off.

Applying mild amounts of mineral oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil can minimize the chances of hair dryness which causes split ends. Another suggestion is to inhibit from brushing your hair while it is wet and has not totally dried up from the time that you had showered. Wet hair is easily broken off while it is wet. Using heating tools to style your hair has the same effect of sun damage that can hasten up dryness and causing it to brittle and break. Hair dryers also do the same amount of damage, as it creates a convection of heat similar to that of a baking oven. Organic protection shampoos can help in many ways as it moisturizes hair and gives it an ample amount of protection for daily use. If it is necessary to tie up your hair, be sure to tie it up loosely and not too tightly as it can create tangles that can eventually break off an ample amount of your hair when you brush it.



Your hair needs a steady supply of vitamins and minerals in order for it to stay growing the proper way that it should always do. The right amount of food you eat can make a big difference of the way your hair grows on you. Eating and maintaining a healthy diet is not just good for your over all nutritional needs but it also gives your hair the added strength to withstand the rigors of your daily activities and to fend off the natural forces of nature as well. Green leafy vegetables, Vitamin B enriched and foliate can hasten the growth of your hair, giving it a silky and shinny feel and texture.

Avoid Unnecessary Stress

It is not enough to be healthy inside and out if you want to maintain a healthy hair growth, but you also want to consider the effects of stress on your hair. Stress has been proven to contribute to thinning hair loss, and in some cases can only be the case for some individuals. Falling hair is a natural daily occurrence for most people, because it is a natural cycle of hair growth. 40 to 50 strands of hair-fall for a single minute of brushing is quite normal, but to exceed to a number of 100 to 200 a day is an alarming rate! A stressful lifestyle can be a contributing factor if you did not know that it was affecting the way your hair continues to fall off. Try relaxing and not to dwell so much on the negative side of life. Enjoy your day even though stress is a part of your daily life, it is still good advice not to take too much notice of it.

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Demystifying the Truth About Laser Combs

Brushes and combs maybe one, if not the best invention that man has made in regards to grooming and maintaining the beauty and elegance of our precious hair. It is a simple, yet effective tool that we could use to fix the appearance of our hair when we wake up in the morning, after taking a bath and even removing those unwanted parasites the sometimes reside on our scalp, particularly head lice. Yes, the comb and brush are some of the things that we can not live without on a daily basis. In recent years, there had been a tremendous amount of different gadgets and gizmo’s that had been seen surfacing on the market related to hair maintenance and some even offer guarantees that it could somehow rejuvenate hair back to it’s pristine state of health.


Some products even offer the possibility of having the ability to trigger the re-growth of hair on a thinning scalp, making it one of the most intriguing products ever designed that could help hair to grow back and reverse the condition of thinning hair loss. The laser comb is relatively anew comer on the hair products market, making it’s debut on the early part of this decade. The laser comb was the predecessor of the now extinct electro magnetic scalp stimulator that comes in a variation of designs and functions.

During the early part of the 1990′s, the electric scalp stimulator presented people who were looking for alternative solutions in bringing back to life their seemingly unavoidable thinning hair. The concept of the electric scalp stimulator, relied on the principles of a small amount of electro magnetic resonating frequency that was believed to have the ability to stimulate the scalp and “coax” it to regrow the hairs from it’s scalp. But unfortunately, the only thing that it was able to successfully do was create electrical interference that disturbed a lot of electronic devices and in some rare occasions, house hold pets.


By the end of the 1990′s came another gadget that was to supersede the the electric scalp stimulator. The infrared hair brush came to the scene in the early years of 2000 as it was almost the same to the principle of the electric scalp stimulator, it nevertheless had a different approach in claiming success where the electric scalp stimulator had failed to deliver it’s promise. The infrared comb had a different principle involving it’s approach in stimulating weak hair follicles back to life. The working concept of the infrared comb was it’s ability to kill unwanted bacteria on the scalp of the head and at the same time emit a mild dose of infrared light that claims to stimulate blood flow all throughout the scalp area, thus giving young follicular tissues a chance to grow minus the deterring presence of harmful scalp organisms that most shampoos fail to eradicate.


Today, there is a new breed of combs that was created using advance technological research combining clinical scientific studies with advanced laser technology, meet the laser comb. The principle behind the laser comb is so much different from that of it’s other predecessors. The emission of various low powered laser beams on the scalp is said to stimulate hair growth through the action of increasing the amount of a certain molecule called “adenosine triphoshate”, which is said to carry “energy” from one cell to another. Considering the present price for these new laser combs that range from $70 dollars to as much as $370 dollars.

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Hair Care for Different Types of Hair

In the vast multitude of people with different types of hair along with different types of hair problem, there is no single general solution to cover it all. Needless to say that different hair types need different methods of hair care and that one person’s solution could never be applied to another person with the same type of hair problem. Even though that experts try to put a generalized caption to all possible remedies that might co relate one problem of how to maintain those precious tresses hair on your crown, it is still best to take the most individual approach on how to take care of your hair.


Greasy and Oily Hair:

A little grease and oil on your hair is quite normal to begin with and a total absence of it would indicate that you have a problem concerning dryness that it may possibly lead to weakening of the follicles and result to dry damaged hair. An over abundance of oil however may well signify another problem as well. Be very mindful of what you put in your diet as dietary causes could very well be an issue of an over production of cebum, which is responsible for maintaining the flexibility and suppleness of your hair.

An oily hair does not affect the hair strands, which in one way, is a good indicator that your hair strands are it tip top shape. However, too much oily secretions do tend to damage the scalp, in which fungal build up may well lead to the dreaded propagation of dandruff. Fungi propagate in a very oily scalp, which is the favorite breeding ground of this type of bacteria. It eats up the excess oils of the scalp that eventually finds its way to your hair follicles, resulting to the weakening of the hair strands that promote the thinning and falling out of the hair in a much more faster state.

Proper hair care for this condition involves knowing the basic working dynamics of the shampoo and conditioner that you usually use. Shampoos and conditioners are two very different things and that they both work in very different ways. Greasy hair and greasy scalp conditions may need just one type of shampoo, forgoing the need for a conditioner, but, often times, it is applied to both in a separate method. If you have oily hair and a dry scalp, it is best to use a light shampoo that puts a priority in moisturizing your scalp. A simple moisturizing conditioner can then be applied to the hair after rinsing.

If you have dry hair and an oily scalp, you should use a shampoo that addresses the problem of your oily scalp. Hair moisturizing conditioners must be used in this case with utmost care, avoiding any possible contact with the scalp. It is best to evaluate the condition of both your hair and scalp before trying any form of hair regimen alongside with proper consultation with a hair specialist.


Dry Hair:

The dryness of hair is not a natural occurrence in the human body, but, it is however an induced state that results from over use of such products as hair coloring, perming and hair ironing tools, hairdryers and other artificial hair altering methods that literally kill your hair strands. These processes contribute to the weakening of the hair strands that they literally break off. It is not enough to be exposed to excessive UV rays that you have to submit your hair to such brutal methods just for the sake of beauty. Swimming pols that have a strong concentration of chlorinated particles do just that along with too much exposure to sea water that the salt in the air and in the salt water of the ocean can make your hair brittle and weak.

Caring for such hair conditions require applications of moisturizers to maintain the moisture content of the hair strands so that they don’t loose their suppleness. Prolonged use of hairdryers and other detrimental tools on your hair would do your hair more benefit. The use of deep moisturizing conditioners that you can leave on your hair is important if you live near an area where there is too much heat and humidity in the air (especially if you live near the beach or an arid region).


Fine to Thin Hair:

Fine hair because of it’s lack of body and bounce usually falls limp most of the time. There are simple methods of making hair like these bounce to life. Teasing hair will give an illusion of embodiment, though it has to be done with the utmost care to ensure that you do not exert too much stress on your hair strands. Maintain a conservative length of hair style as you can easily style it with wax or hair gel to give it that bouncy look. Thin hair that is too long is very hard to manage and can often times end up in tangles if you tease them too much. Hair thickening products may help quite a bit but only to a point that you can manage it.


Thick and Curly Hair:

Thick hair does have it’s advantages as they are the least types of hair that suffer from thinning limpness. But it also presents it’s own problems such as frequent itchiness on the scalp. The reason for why this occurs is the lack of ventilation for the scalp to breath. Another contributing factor is in it’s characteristics of not being able to totally rinse off accumulated substances from shampoos and conditioners, leading to the build up of irritating materials underneath the follicles. Keeping your hair short will greatly improve the condition of your scalp as it will allow the proper ventilation of air that your scalp needs. Shorter hair means an easy way to rinse off any possible remnants of shampoos and conditioners that my be left on your scalp, greatly reducing the time it takes for you to rinse it.

Use a clarifying shampoo to make sure you leave no traces of sedimentary deposits of filth on your scalp. This is just to ensure that you get the job right in ridding any possible dirt and grime from your scalp.


Straight Hair:

You might think that it is just so easy to maintain straight hair? Well, it is not that easy as you may imagine it to be. Straight hair is actually one of the most hard to maintain hair types. It is because straight hair falls flat on the scalp, causing the accumulation of oil and grease, more than other types of hair. It is also one of the hardest types of hair create a hairstyle from it, as it always tends to be stringy ans limp. The use of deep cleansing shampoos can help prevent the onset of dandruff and a weekly trip to the hair salon to apply clarifying gel would greatly enhance body and luster. As a matter of fact, The occurrence of dandruff is more likely to happen in people with straight hair than any other hair types.


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Options to Make Your Thin Hair Thicker

Many people are jealous of the ones around them who were born with thick hair. As individuals age, they begin to lose what they once had and be jealous of the new generation with full heads of hair. If this is an issue for you, make use of these volumizing tips that may will give off the appearance of a young full head of hair and show you how to make your hair thicker.


Stay Away from Chemicals


Many hair styling products can actually harm your hair in the long run. Chemical based shampoos are effective at cleaning your hair but the chemicals used can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Avoid putting strong chemicals in your hair and switch to hair care products that are easier on your thinning hair.


Do Not Wash Your Hair


As odd as this may seem, washing your hair every day can put unneeded stress on your thinning hair. The natural oils that that are meant to protect your scalp and hair are washed away causing your hair to become weaker over time. You can usually get away with washing your hair two to three times a week unless it naturally produces excess oils. You can utilize dry shampoo to work between washes to help it look clean and fresh. An added bonus of dry shampoo is that it makes your hair look thicker when applied.




You can use many different oils to thicken your hair over time. Chamomile, rosemary, geranium, lavender, thyme, and cedar wood can all help to thicken your hair follicles. You can apply 10 to 20 drops onto your scalp and rub it in with your fingertips. Mixing a few drops of all these different oils could be beneficial as well. You could also add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner.


Gently Handle Your Hair


An obvious way to decrease hair loss is to treat your hair gently and try not to pull tangles through. Especially be easy on your hair while it is wet. Do not be too rough while you towel dry, instead gently pat your hair dry. Avoid pony tails or corn rows that can put your hair under constant stress.


Avoid Strong Heat Sources


Do not use blow dryers, curling irons, or straight irons often. Excessive heat to your hair can cause it to become dry and brittle. If you use chemicals to color your hair, allow your hair to grow back out to it’s natural color and stop putting chemicals in it. This bombardment of dye and highlights can causes permanent damage.


Volumizing Products


There are volumizing techniques you can use to give your hair a fuller appearance. Volumizing shampoo can be used to add volume to the top of your head. Volumizing conditioner is available as well. Use these in combination with root lifters and volumizing sprays to get that amazing full look you are looking for.


Getting Your Hair Cut


Another tip is to get your hair cut. If you remove the dry, dead ends it can give new life to your hair. Keeping a short cut such as a bob can make your hair look thicker and fuller. Nutrition can play a big part in why your hair is thinning or falling out as well. Your overall health coincides with proper nutrition, and your hairs health feeds off the same nutrients and minerals.


Reduce Stress


If you live a stressful lifestyle, this can cause your hair to fall out as well. Resolving your situation as quickly as possible and striving to keep your mind calm both help to reverse the hair loss caused by stress.


Making healthy lifestyle choices, eating nutritious food, avoiding strong chemicals, and living in a low stress environment are all important factors in making your hair look better. Work to improve on a few of these things and you will start to see a difference in your appearance in no time.

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Classic Bob Hair Style for Thin Hair

The “Bob” hairstyle has been around since the early 1920′s and has been one of the most influential hair styles that is synonymous with fashion and glamor. The hair style was influenced mostly by “flappers” or women that dance the “Charleston”. It was a time of great prosperity and the rise of women’s liberation along with the establishment of the “speak easy” culture. Some of the well known fashion designers during that era like Coco Channel, wore the “bob” hairstyle as it was a sort of counter cultural trend from the orthodox long hairstyles.

The “Bob” or “Bobbing” hairstyle for women was also an evolutionary way of the changing trend in fashion as hats that women wore became brimless right after the first world war. It was an awkward combination of long hair and brimless hats that opted women during that time to have their hair cut short in order to match the fashion trend of brimless hats. Since then, the classical “bob” hairstyle has never gone out of style. Since the time of it’s emergence from the 1920′s, the “bob” has gone through a lot of variations, but still keeping close to it’s original concept, and at often times, even adapting to the present fashion trends.

The “bob” is particularly more suited for women with thin straight hair. Unlike the “pixie” look which is the derivative term for the “boy’s” cut, the “bob” remains to accentuate the feminine touch. Some of today’s “bob” hairstyle fall in different variations of styles that can help accentuate a woman’s facial features regardless of hair color.


  • Sharp Edged Geometrical Hairstyles – This is the most basic of all “bob” styles which consists of neck length tresses with horizontal front bangs.


  • Soft Layered Bob Hairstyles – Layered styles of this variation of the “bob” hairstyle have a “flirty” approach as the end layers have a predefined “fly away” endings, mostly done with mousse or styling gel. This hairstyle usually goes well in a formal setting or gathering.






  • Choppy Layered Bob Hairstyles – Among the variations of the traditional “bob” hairstyles that is considered a break away from the basic approach. Unlike the soft layered bob which utilizes a small amount of gel or styling mousse, this hairstyle requires a generous amount of texturing to create a tousled look. This can greatly redefine thin hair, hiding all obvious perception of thinness and sparseness. This was greatly influenced by the punk genre and is a bold and adventurous approach to the traditional “bob”.


  • Edgy Layered Bob Styles – Though considered as one of the most unconventional variations of the “bob” hairstyles, it is also considered the most daring because of it’s uneven, perforated layers. It is guaranteed to get you the attention of everyone as you walk amongst a crowd or a gathering. This can be maintained by the use of a flat hair iron and smoothing cream. This style accentuates sophistication with the combination of the “messy” look and sharp characteristics.

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