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The Five Best Shampoos For Thinning Hair In Men

After reviewing some shampoos that can help women treat thin hair and hair loss yesterday it is time to do the same for men today. You may ask yourself why men and women don’t use the same shampoos to treat thin hair. After all they are suffering from the same condition. The answer is quite simple. The causes for hair loss differ between men and women. Men often suffer from what is called “male pattern baldness” which is a genetic condition. While other causes like stress, malnutrition and improper hair care can be evident in both men and women male pattern baldness only applies to men and is the main differentiator and reason for different treatment options.

Now lets get to it. Here are the three best shampoos for men with thinning hair. For more infos just click on the picture or the Amazon link.

hair shampoo men1. Rogaine: Rogaine is without a doubt one of the best solutions to regrow hair or stop hair loss in its roots. Rogaine has been clinically proven and is FDA-approved. The active ingredient is minoxidil. It has been proven in different studies to help 85% of all men regrow hair. Rogaine is also available at Amazon.











Alpecin shampoo2. Alpecin is one of the cheaper options available. It is a caffeine rich shampoo that will help stimulate the hair roots and stop hair loss. A daily wash is enough to strengthen your hair and give it more grip. You can get it for just over $11 at Amazon.






vive pro shampoo3. Vive Pro by L’Oreal Paris: Vive Pro is a shampoo by L’Oreal Paris. It’s for the daily use and caters to the need men have in their shampoo. It’s also one of the cheaper options available but customers have had fantastic results using it. Check it out at Amazon.





If you experience hair loss feel free to browse through the above recommendations. All three are highly popular products by reputable brands.

Please keep in mind that the above recommendations are just that. We are not doctors neither do we produce or sell any of the products mentioned. All recommendations are therefore tips and no guarantee is made.

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