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The Five Best Shampoos For Thinning Hair In Women.

If you are suffering from thin hair the last thing you want to do is to draw attention to it. If you don’t take good care of your already damaged hair it will not only get worse but also really stress the fact that your hair is thin. Proper hair care is in this case absolutely essential. That’s why we made a list of the top 3 shampoos for thinning hair for both men and women. Check out our list below to find your ideal treatment option.



Shampoos for women:

Pura Dor Shampoo Women1. Pura D’or of the best shampoos for women suffering from thin hair and also the top seller in the category “hair loss” on Amazon. Pura D’or is completely free of harsh chemicals and contains many essential oils to promote hair growth. The normal retail price is $37 but at the moment you can get it for $23 on Amazon.





Nioxin Shampoo Hair Loss Women2. Nioxin produces a variety of hair products that all aim to improve your hair in different ways. Nioxin is a no-hype reputable company that has produced hair care products for over a decade. You can get their newest collection at Amazon.










Nisim Hair Loss Shampoo3. Nisim produces an all natural shampoo that is especially for dry hair. It removes excess oil from your scalp and also harmful D.H.T. The deep-cleansing formula will help get your hair loss under control. The shampoo is a unisex product and can be used by women as well as men. You can get more infos on Amazon.





All the above products work in different ways to reduce your hair loss and reverse the effect. If you want an all natural solution that is free of chemicals Pura D’or or Nisim  are for you. Nisim at the same time focuses on dry hair and scalps so if you struggle with that you should probably give Nisim a try. Nioxin produces a well known shampoo which does include chemicals but has been tested inside and out. So if you have already tried all natural solutions and found them not working for you it is certainly worth a try.

Please keep in mind that the above recommendations are just that. We are not doctors neither do we produce or sell any of the products mentioned. All recommendations are therefore tips and no guarantee is made.

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Causes and Treatments For Thinning Hair

If your hair is starting to thin, there could be many causes forcing it to happen and even more options available to reverse, stop, or cover up this embarrassing condition. Depending on the severity and how quickly you begin to treat this condition, you can get results that last and keep your hair for as long as possible. Here is some information on different causes of hair loss and some treatment options that might be available to you ranging from shampoo for thinning hair to surgery.

Causes of Hair Loss

Man with thinning hairOne of the most common forms of hair thinning in men is what is called male pattern baldness. This type of baldness can be attributed to the 4 in 7 chance that you will receive the baldness gene. Your hair will begin to recede from the sides of the forehead and, as time goes on, the whole top of the head can end up completely bald leaving a ring of hair around your head. A chemical trigger for this in your body is DHT. This chemical prohibits any growth of hair and weakens what hair you have.

Although this type of baldness makes up 95% of all the baldness in men, there are many other things that can cause it. People who excessively pull their hair can damage the cuticle, or the outer shell of the hair. Individual strands become weak and break off. Compulsive pulling or bending of the hair can result in permanent hair loss. Chemotherapy is another cause of hair loss that affects the lives of many people.

Things that you put into your body can affect hair growth as well. Poor nutrition, not eating enough, and the lack of certain nutrients can help cause thinning. Even some medications can make you lose some of your hair. Pollution in air and water, minerals in drinking water, and the effects of the sunlight can affect this condition as well. If you do not take care of your scalp, you hair will pay the price. Thats’s why there are a variety of vitamins for thinning hair available.

Stress is another cause of baldness associated with the restriction of your blood to certain capalaries. This stops oxygen and nutrients from getting to the hair follicles. Without those two things, the hair can not grow correctly.

Treatment Options Available

There are many different techniques used to prevent and reverse hair loss in men and woman. There are also ways to try and cover up the effects of baldness. There are many medications that a doctor can prescribe to help slow your hair from thinning out, help to grow new hair, or to thicken existing hair to help cover the bald spots easier.

shampoo for thinning hairSome medications are simply rubbed into the scalp and hair, like shampoo for thinning hair. Others are pills that you take with a glass of water. Shampoo for thinning hair and pills to help with the condition have varying effects and you may need to seek out a more drastic measure.

Surgical treatment is available to transplant healthy growing hair from one part of the body or scalp to another. The process can take from four to eight hours and you can do it more than once to maximize results. Immunosuppressants have also been applied to the scalp to show temporary results but adverse side effects make this therapy not worth it in most cases. Treating the scalp may be another option if that is the cause for the baldness in question.

If your baldness is stress related, stress reduction is the best option to prevent or reverse the condition. Treatment for stress can come from therapy, medication, or, possibly in the future, astressin-B, which has shown positive results in mice to regrow hair lost through the release of Corticotropin, a hormone related to stress

Covering Up the Damage Done

The comb over has been a popular way to try and hide male pattern baldness throughout the years. You restyle your remaining hair to cover a balding area where possible. As hair loss increases, this method gets less effective. Wearing a hat or a hairpiece is another popular method to cover up what time has done to the hair. There are even sprays that you put in your hair to add more volume to your own hair. Whatever option works best for you, use it to your advantage.

There are many different causes and treatments to baldness from stress to genes and from shampoo for thinning hair to surgery involving hair transplants. Contact a doctor if baldness is starting to become a problem for you and see what options may be available for.

If you are looking for more general information check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_loss.

A more out of the box solution for serious cases of hair loss can be found here.

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Dealing with thinning hair

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