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The Natural Reaction to Dandruff

Dandruff, that irritating, itchy, white flaky mess that can send us running back to the closet in search of lighter colored clothing, can be a nagging, chronic condition for some or it can be a once in a great while thing for others.  Either way, no one likes dealing with it.  When expensive dandruff shampoos don’t seem to do the trick, it might be time to try something different.  You don’t necessarily need to go to your doctor for something harsh.  Sometimes a slight change in routine can do the trick without the use of harmful chemicals.


The Clean Information on Dandruff


Dandruff is not the effects of neglects in personal hygiene, it is cause by a naturally occurring fungus on the skin that can overproduce on occasion and cause the skin’s natural shedding abilities to speed up by feeding on the oil secretions on the scalp.  This is neither fun to think about or to live with.  When you notice that your hair is oiler than normal, it is best to wash it more often than you usually do, keeping in mind that a gentler, all natural shampoo is best for more frequent washing.  Using a non-drying shampoo will protect your hair and your scalp from becoming irritated with the introduction of more washing.  The oil on the hair that the fungus feeds on will not be there anymore so the situation should naturally clear up on its own.


It is also suggested that if you don’t wash more frequently that you try lathering up twice in the same washing cycle.  You know those instructions on the back of the bottle that says, “lather, rinse, repeat?”  That is our exactly our suggestion.  The second wash will strip away the extra layer of oil that can be left behind which may also do a lot to clear up your situation as well.


Try a Lemon Fresh Approach


Lemons are a great natural dandruff fighter.  Squeeze out 2 tablespoons on to your scalp and massage it in for a few minutes.  Rinse the hair and repeat with a mixture of lemon juice and warm matter for a rinse that smells great and takes care of your flake problem in a matter of days.  The natural acids in lemon juice are a fungal killer, taking of the source of the problem in the first place so that no harmful ingredients are required for your hair.


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