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How Vitamins Can Help Treat Thinning Hair.

Vitamins for Thinning Hair


If thinning hair has become a problem for you, you should consult a physician to find out what options you have to stop or reverse the effects. There are many different causes for thinning hair that all have different treatment options available. If your doctor confirms that your hair loss is caused by improper nutrition or lack of certain vitamins, here are a few helpful tips to get your problem under control.


vitamins for thinning hairBalanced Diet


A balanced diet is where you should start to improve your hair growth. Adding specific food can help with hair growth including a lot of fruits and vegetables. Lean meats and fish are another good choice when it comes to hair health. Water and dairy can also help your hair to get the look it used to have. Avoid fatty foods and anything with high amounts of Vitamin A. These are both proven to be detrimental to hair health. Unsaturated fats are better for you. A general rule is, that food that is good for the rest of your body will benefit your hair as well.


Vitamins and Minerals


If you plan on adding supplements to your diet to help promote hair growth, here is a little information on what to use. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps your body get rid of things that can damage the cells in your hair. Symptoms of a lack of Vitamin C include nosebleeds, rough and dry skin, a lowered immune system, and dry, splitting hair. Taking Vitamin C can help your body in many different ways and is the perfect vitamin for thinning hair treatment.


Vitamin E


Some genetic diseases can cause a vitamin E deficiency which can result in many of the same problems as low vitamin C. Signs of low vitamin E include the loss of feeling and control in your extremities, muscle weakness, vision problems, and thinning hair. If you have a disease that ends up making your body absorb fat poorly, this is possibly the culprit.




Vitamin H, more commonly known as Biotin, is essential for you body. It helps to absorb and utilize other nutrients throughout your body. Many hair products even include this vitamin because of its ability to help keep your hair, skin, and eyes healthy. Symptoms of having low Biotin in your system include hair loss, scaly skin, dry eyes, swollen tongue, insomnia, fatigue, and poor appetite.


Iron, Protein, and Zinc


Thinning hair can also be caused by deficiencies in iron, protein, and zinc. Supplements are available that include iron and zinc, but you should also add food to your diet, that contains natural protein. Make sure that you talk to your doctor about any of these vitamins, minerals, supplements, or changes to diet to make sure that they will not have any adverse reaction with medication that you take or any other conditions that you might have. They will suggest the best option available to you.


Hair health depends on a lot of the same things that your overall health depends on. Proper nutrition is a good start to slow down any further progression of your thinning hair. Adding specific vitamins and minerals to your diet and, if needed, finding supplements that will help you get the nutrition you need is another good choice. Avoiding food that is high in fat and contains vitamin A may also help you on your way. Contact your physician and find out what option is best for you to reverse your thinning hair.

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Vitamins To Help Prevent Hair Loss

Check out the short but very informative video below.

Dr. Craig Ziering gives some insight how your nutrition might help prevent hair loss and what vitamins are important hair growth.

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Dealing with thinning hair

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